Increased Flexibility

Accept office calls from anywhere; your desk, in the comfort of your own home, or even during.

Reduced Operational Costs

Interactive voice response can satisfy up to 65% of your customers incoming calls, offering.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Auto Attendance, allowing calls to be passed straight through to call handler, offering.

Dedicated Mobile Application

Remove the tie to office hours and desk representation; Emerald cloud system, available.

24 Hour Support

Emeralds 24/7 support centre offers our customers reliable service, ensuring that their business is constantly supported.

Call Collection

Interactive voice response, auto attendance and call recording integration are just a few of the ways that Emerald improve.

Smart Phone Compatibility

Accept, review and monitor all customer communication via Emerald’s exclusive mobile application; compatible with VOIP software.

VOIP Phone System

Cut the ties to your desk and answer client calls from anywhere; utilising broadband networks, Emerald Telecom Ltd uses voice.

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